When you head out to the local bar or club, you’re oftentimes asked to pick your poison. Some people like beer, others enjoy cocktails, others still will settle for nothing but the finest glass of wine. Everyone has their preferences, and the same can be said about putting your money on the line in a game of chance. Speaking for myself, there has been a definite sense of progression in the games I choose to play.

I started out with the slot machines, because there was a low barrier to entry and you could play for less than a dollar at a time. I particularly enjoyed the machines that had side games like Yahtzee, Bingo, or Monopoly. These “bonus rounds” brought in big bucks for some people, but sadly that never happened with me. I then migrated over to the roulette table, only partaking in inside betting. After mustering up some courage, I found myself playing blackjack, pai gow poker, and craps. Today, I play no limit Texas hold’em exclusively. Well, in the casino context, anyways.

It’s been said that the lottery is the investment game for stupid people. While partially true, I think that most people play their local lotto games more for having a little thrill in their life or for the sake of leisure, rather than actually “investing” in a losing proposition. I’ve been known to buy a 6/49 ticket from time to time, and in my heart of hearts, I know that I’m just throwing two bucks away. That said, I’m also aware that there is a chance — as slim as it may be — that I could become an instant millionaire…. even if the chances of being struck my lightning twice are better than winning the big jackpot.

Your odds of winning are a little better with the scratch and win games, but the prizes are much smaller. I remember when I was just a young’n, my mom would buy the bingo or crossword game for me to play, because it was more involving that just seeing if you have three matching numbers. There was more of a “game” to it. I guess that’s why I like Texas Hold’em better than, say, mini baccarat: you feel more involved.

What kinds of games do you like to play? And don’t say Monopoly, because you can’t take that rainbow assortment of bills to buy a Nintendo Wii.

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