Remember last month when I told you about the first two singles from Kanye West: Graduation? At the time, I thought that Can’t Tell Me Nothing was pretty hot (it’s my current ringtone), and Stronger — with the audio sample courtesy of Daft Punk — was pretty cool too. Well, the offficial music video to Stronger has finally been released. It borrows elements from Akira and other Japanese sources, and while I enjoy the creative direction of the video, I can’t agree with Kanye West’s choice of sunglasses.

We’re still waiting on an official launch date for Kanye West: Graduation, his third solo album. In the meantime, enjoy Stronger:

UPDATE: After the comment left by “umm” below, I dug around a little deeper and discovered that yes, Kanye West: Graduation is scheduled for an American release on August 21st. This is according to both Wikipedia and Amazon, although Amazon has another copy of the album scheduled for release on August 27th. That would put it on a Monday, which doesn’t make sense, because CDs are always released on Tuesdays (the 21st is a Tuesday). Get ready to attend Kanye West’s Graduation next month! Woohoo!