As some of you may already know, I head out every Saturday to enjoy some Vietnamese pho with a bunch of local dot com moguls (and moguls in the making), but earlier today, we decided to have a change of pace. Back in March, we went to Sea Harbour Restaurant in Richmond for some dot com dim sum, but given that a reservation there means next to nothing, John Chow decided to get us a table at Kirin Seafood Restaurant — located in the Three West Centre next to Richmond Centre Shopping Mall — for this week’s edition of dot com dim sum.

In the picture above are the eleven attendees. Going clockwise from the bottom, we have:
Root of all evil John Chow
– His lovely wife Sarah
Friday Funny man Matthew Schmoll (he’s hidden behind John’s big head)
– Erin Berringer from Newport Business Media
BlueFur web hosting‘s Gary Jones
Think Referrals Business Network President and Founder Rainer Schmoll
– Online money maker Greg Morgan
– The blog-less Wolfgang (sorry, I don’t know your last name Wolf)
Freelance writer Michael Kwan (that’s me)
Stephen Fung, having recently returned from his trip through Asia
– Self-proclaimed king of awesomeness Ed Lau

With eleven people munching down on the best dim sum Richmond has to offer — I personally prefer the Kirin location at City Square in Vancouver — the total bill for our two-hour Saturday lunch came in at over $200. Thankfully, dot com dim sum was sponsored by Canada web hosting provider, BlueFur. Thanks again Gary!

If you’re looking for quality web hosting, Blue Fur comes highly recommended. Enter “JohnChowRocks” into the coupon code area to receive 15% off any hosting package.

On a side note, Kirin Seafood Restaurant is particularly well known for their chicken feet. We had two varieties of it as part of our lunch, but the one shown below was much better than the standard “phoenix claw” variant. These marinated chicken feet came with a vinaigrette on the side for dipping. Simply delicious. I guess growing up with traditional Chinese cuisine, I’ve lost the natural aversion that a lot of people have to eating “strange” foods like this.


Pictures courtesy of fake Stephen Fung