It’s that time again! Let’s go for a whirlwind tour through the blogosphere and see what pops up.

John Bardinelli, a video game enthusiast if you ever found one, has just discovered the most complicated version of rock, paper, scissors ever. Instead of just three possible “weapons”, there are 101. Hence, the Dr. Lovelace-created game is called RPS-101. Try remembering that chart the next time you get challenged to a game of rock, paper, scissors.

Dosh Dosh, despite its rather juvenile appearance, is a great blog for learning how to make money online. When you’re first starting out, it can difficult to attain any sort of reasonable income through CPC and CPA ads, so paid reviews and paid posts are easily some of the most lucrative options you have. Don’t know where to start? Well, here’s a definitive list of paid blogging websites. I personally recommend ReviewMe and PayPerPost.

ArsGeek is giving away some MP3 players and the only real reason I’m including them in this speedlink is because it gets me a few more entries. Gimme that Stone!

The Mint Blog has just turned all of your savings ideas on their respective heads. Most people will tell you that you should start saving for your retirement as early as possible, because the compound interest will astound you. Not, the IRS, however. They’re giving you 10 reasons to put off saving for retirement instead. Screw delayed gratification; I want to be happy now?

There’s cute and then there’s ohmigod how can that be any cuter… Here are the smallest creatures you will ever see. Follow the link and discover a half-inch lizard, a four-inch monkey, and a one-inch hamster that stopped growing at three weeks.

Last and definitely least (I don’t even know why I’m linking to this goofball), some guy decided to create a Blogspot account for the sole purpose of entering the BlueFur contest for a 22-inch LCD. I don’t know if I should be impressed or if I should feel pity.