If you’re looking for a reality check, you found it. I signed up for AGLOCO way back in November 2006. I’m one of the lucky people who actually has a referral ID that starts with BBBB, whereas most people who sign up today will be much later in the alphabet. I put up a few posts about AGLOCO in this space — talking about how it’s basically AllAdvantage all over again, discussing how much you can make, confirming that it has no spyware, and even showing a beta test video — but in the end, I’ve only managed to get five direct referrals and one extended referral. This means my network, not including myself, consists of six members.

Many of you probably read John Chow’s blog on a regular basis for money-making tips. Most recently, he proclaimed that he hit the 19,000 mark in AGLOCO signups and how those members have accumulated about 2700 hours for him. There’s no actual money to be made just yet (at least not directly), but when the AGLOCO team starts turning a profit, they’ll share it with the members appropriately. Many folks may be inspired by posts like that, fully expecting to achieve the same level of success. Reality check: only a small percentage of users are actually going to rake in any real money and it doesn’t seem like I’m going to be one of them.

Have I suddenly jumped onto the AGLOCO-hating bandwagon? Not exactly, but I never had John Chow level expectations for this scheme either. This is because it takes no real effort to sign up and tell a few of your friends to do the same, logging in a few hours on your computer (currently maxed out at five per month) with the AGLOCO Viewbar running. If I come out with a couple extra bucks in my pocket, that’s a couple of bucks that I would not have had otherwise.

So, uh, there it is. The reality of making money surfing with AGLOCO. If you want to get involved, feel free to use my referral link. Who knows, I might hit 10 sign-ups by the end of the year! Take that, John Chow!