The contest to win a USB TV tuner from Beyond the Rhetoric has been live for over two weeks now, so maybe it’s about time I give you guys an update. After all, I’m sure everyone that has entered thus far wants to know what their chances are like.

As you recall, I’m allowing three different ways to win the contest for this $80 (that’s MSRP… it can be had cheaper if you look to the right) USB TV tuner. You can write a brief review of my blog and/or make a “buzz” post about the contest (make sure you check the rules here so that your post qualifies). If in that post, you put up a screenshot showing that you subscribe to my full feed RSS, you get an extra bonus entry. No real extra work to double your chances, gotta love that. Six people have written these kinds of posts, and of those, three have put up a screnshot. So, that’s nine tickets so far.

If writing a post is too much trouble, you can also simply add Beyond the Rhetoric to your Technorati favorites. This is by far the easiest way to win, because all it takes is a single click. Before the contest started, there were about 40 people who had Beyond the Rhetoric as a Technorati favorite. Let’s check in on Technorati to see what’s up now.


So, it looks like I’ve gained about 22 fans in the past 15 or 16 days, most of which joined within the first few days of the contest. With a total of 62 Technorati fans, that’s another 62 entries, bringing the running total to 71 tickets. (On a side note, since the RSS readership is over 90, where are the other 30-some odd subscribers who haven’t entered?)

Last, but definitely not least, is the race for the five top commentator spots on this blog. The competition hasn’t been quite as furious as I’ve been hoping, but that could be due to the summer lulls. Here are the top dogs thus far:


Big thanks to Vijay, A Tentative Personal Finance Blog (Dy), Make Money With Funds (Alex), Super Affiliate (Zac), and the current leader, Matt for keeping the discussion alive. Each of them, if the contest were to end today, would receive one entry, with Matt getting an extra one for being on top. That’s six more tickets, for a grand total of 76 entries. Interestingly, since installing the Most Commented Posts plug-in, I’ve discovered that the contest page is in the lead by far. Check it out.

There’s still plenty of time to enter — the contest ends at 12:01am on July 1st — so get out there, add me to your Technorati favorites, write up a blog post, and comment away. The contest is open to all citizens of world, provided they have decent access to some sort of postal service.