Speaking of cell phones, the Fedex guy just arrived at my door about an hour ago to drop off a package. I purchased a few things from eBay this past week, so I thought it was one of those items… but it wasn’t. The shipping label was addressed to Michael Kwan of MobileMag.com, so it had to be some sort of review unit. I tore the envelope open and discovered an LG Cherry Chocolate Phone. This slick slider with touch sensitive controls is pretty darn sexy, but it’s a fingerprint magnet.

I’ll be fumbling around with the user interface, call quality, and all that sort of stuff (I think this phone is EVDO-equipped) for the next couple of weeks. Should be fun. I’m also expecting an HTC P4000 from Telus Mobility on Monday, so I guess I won’t be using any of my own minutes any time soon. Good times.

Here’s a hands-on video of the LG Cherry Chocolate (KG800) to get your started, showing you what’s in the box and a brief overview of the controls. A full review will be written up for Mobile Magazine when I’m done.