Like me, Ms Danielle is holding a contest on her blog, but unlike me, she isn’t giving away a USB TV Tuner. Instead, she’s got herself a lovely Microsoft Zune in her hands and she could think of nothing better to do with it than to give it away. And who am I complain, considering that the Zune MP3/video player isn’t even really available in Canada. At least I can’t it at major retailers around these parts.

So, what’s so ironic about this contest entry? Well, let’s just say that this particular Microsoft Zune has been around the block. The story begins at the 2007 Affiliate Networking Dinner where John Chow won the 30GB music and video player. He then proceeded to give it to me — as a freelance writer — so that I could produce a review for The TechZone. I fondled with the Zune for a couple of weeks before giving it back to John. The self-proclaimed root of all evil, however, didn’t want to keep it for himself. So, he held an evil blog contest to give it away.

Wanna win a Zune? Don’t you know that brown is the new black?

Ms Danielle, the owner of just another ego blog site and the person who taught a hamster to steal a toothbrush, decided to enter the contest, and luckily for her, she won. But again, Ms Danielle didn’t want the Zune for her own entertainment purposes. She saw an incredible opportunity to gain some exposure for her burgeoning blog site and so she is now holding a contest to give it away.

This blog post is my official entry… wouldn’t it be ironic if I ended up winning something that I had in my hands only a couple of months earlier? Maybe if I win, I’ll give it away too.