I had a lot of fun with the first Rayman Raving Rabbids for the Nintendo Wii, so I fully expect that the recently announced sequel — appropriately named Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 — will be just as fun with all of its crazy mini games.

Naturally, graphics aren’t the big selling point here. Instead, it’s the hilarious antics of the seemingly crack-addicted “rabbids” and the unique use of the motion-sensitive Wii Remote. I remember in the first Rabbids, I had the chance to whirl the Wii Remote above my head before launching a cow into a field. I also used the Wii-mote to pull worms out of a rabbid’s rotting teeth.

Here’s the official trailer, clearly having a little fun with the upcoming Transformers live-action movie.

Ubisoft says that there will be about sixty minigames in all. Below are videos to four of them. And yes, along the way, you get to play as rabbids who mimic superstars like Naruto and Spider-Man.

Burger Bunny Godfather: Tilt the Wii Remote to balance an increasingly huge hamburger, walking your rabbid over to a Don Corleone-esque rabbid mob boss.


Rodeo: Match the motions depicted at the bottom of the screen in order to maximize your bronco-bucking points.


Carrot Spit / Beer: Munch on some carrots and spit the carrot juice into the beer steins waiting below.


Baseball: Franticallly run around the bases before sending a rabbid flying with a kick ass home run.