As I mentioned yesterday, I attended the AMD Microsoft Tech Tour 2007, along with John Chow and Stephen Fung. Even Paul Mudhar showed up, but only long enough to take in the free buffet dinner (which I’ll describe in a future post). In a nutshell, the AMD Microsoft Tech Tour is designed to introduce you to the range of products and services that the two companies have to offer, as well as educate on ways that you can sell them to your customers. The Tech Tour caters largely to system builders and stores that sell this kind of gear, primarily through the OEM channel.

Accompanying the number of presentations that told us about things like Windows Vista, AMD Live, and some new ATi graphics cards coming down the chute, were a number of trade show-style booths by some popular computer component manufacturers. Among those in attendance were Shuttle, Asus, and Sapphire.

But why would I just talk about the event when I can show you some pictures?

Here’s the trade show floor. There were only about a dozen or so booths in all.

John takes over the VisionTek booth, dispensing t-shirts on their behalf. This is because none of the VisionTek people actually decided to show up.

One of the many, many PowerPoint presentations. This one is about Vista.

Breaking up the presentations with a rousing game of Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader… computer geek style.

And finally, a picture of all the swag I picked up. Two bags, four t-shirts, a Trident gum-sized 512MB flash drive, and some other random stuff.