Choice is always a good thing. Although it can be a little overwhelming to have too many options, I’d rather be in that scenario than being in a scenario where there is only one choice. It used to be that if you were in the market to buy a new computer, there were two possible operating systems that you could get from the big box retailers. You could either buy an Apple MacBook (or iMac or Mac Mini) and use Mac OS X, or you could opt for a different manufacturer and end up with a computer than ran on Windows Vista. Thankfully, Dell is opening the door to more options.

Following in the same line of thought that lets you custom configure your computer machine, upgrading the hard drive, RAM, display and so on to fit your needs, Dell will soon be giving you a choice when it comes to operating system. Apparently following a backlash of negative comments from current customers who were displeased with Windows Vista Home Premium, the world’s largest computer maker is now offering several of their mainstream systems with the tried and true Windows XP. You won’t be able to plop Mac OS X on a Dell, but it’s good to have a choice between two Microsoft operating systems.

But wait. There’s more.

Word on the street has it that Dell will soon be giving you the option to have a computer pre-installed with Ubuntu, the most user-friendly build of Linux currently available. Because Linux is free, this may lower prices on equivalently-equipped machines. Choice is good.