Although it was April, these five fine folks were no fools. They got a nice juicy linkback from the PR4 blog and now they’re getting some more link love in the form of a permanent link in a blog post. While I write the main content on Beyond the Rhetoric, it is the discussion held in the comment forms that keeps this site interactive and dynamic.

Who were the five yakkers who took the time to leave their mark on this blog? Who had something to say and went out and actually said it?

Let’s have a look at the final comment counts for the month of April 2007, the first month of the second year of Beyond the Rhetoric.


Big thanks goes out to the simple info of Ajith, the awesomeness that is Ed Lau, the amazingly pink Kumiko Suzuki, the marketing genius of Calvin Harvey, and the math-tastic Andy for their contributions. This site wouldn’t be the same without you. Check out what they’ve been writing lately on their own blogs through the Sunday Speedlink post I put up a couple of days ago.

I’d also like to thank Super Affiliate Zac Johnson for ordering up a ReviewMe review. Keep ’em coming!