In case you missed it, I posted up a blog entry on John Chow dot Com the other day talking about how you can make money online from someone else’s blog.

In a nutshell, it talks about how it’s easier (at least in the beginning) to make money blogging for someone as a freelance writer than it is to make a livable income through your own personal blog.

There are several benefits to blogging for others, in addition to the money that you receive for doing the guest spots. The biggest benefit is that you can get your name “out there”, reaching an audience that you may not otherwise have an opportunity to reach. If it weren’t for my articles on Mobile Magazine, LoveToKnow, and John Chow dot Com, most people wouldn’t have stumbled across Beyond the Rhetoric.

Remember though, that freelance writing is not the same as blogging, even if it involves blogging for others. Anyways, check out the full article over at John Chow‘s blog.