Beyond the Rhetoric is far from being my primary source of income, but it’s nice to see a steady growth both in terms of traffic and monetization on this site. While automatic and self-serve networks like Adsense, AuctionAds, and PayPerPost have been reasonably successful, my dealings in the marketplace haven’t been quite so hot.

For example, I signed up with AdVolcano to sell ad space on this site and I’ve received limited success, despite some very competitive pricing. The same can be said about ReviewMe, but it seems that things are about to change.

I wrote one review for MEGATechNews (as well as several that have been posted on John Chow dot Com), but I haven’t received another request since. Well, until today (I’ll probably be doing it in a couple of days).

So, I started to wonder where it came from. I haven’t asked the sponsor directly, but when I went over to the ReviewMe site, I saw that I was #1 for “Today’s Best.” According to this list, I’m hot. So hot, that I got one reviewed ordered…. the first of many, right?