As I continue to expand my freelance writing business, I have started to consider getting a few extra professional things done. I got someone to redesign the main freelance writing site at, and as I have acquired a few local clients that won’t be paying through PayPal, I have had to develop some letterhead so that I could send out a professional-looking invoice. The next logical step, it seems, would be to get some business cards printed, so I can use them during in-person interactions (though the bulk of my communication is still via email and instant messenger).

I started browsing through the PayPerPost marketplace, and I came across an opportunity to review, an online printing company that offers a set of 100 full-color business cards for as low as $3.99. Sounds like a good deal that could be right up my alley, but what they neglect to mention is that the cheapest shipping option is another $8.75, presumably in US dollars.


While they have a lot of different designs for a variety of industries, there doesn’t appear to be an option to upload your own custom design. What this means is that I don’t think you can implement your own logo. There is also a premium to be paid if you want larger font (the $3.95 deal is for 10pt) or a glossy coating.

Personally, I think that this comes off as a little amateur-ish, as having a distinct company image (including the logo) is very important in business. The way it sits, you could very well have the exact same business card as someone else, short of the actual text printed on the card. This may be fine for (very) small business owners, work-at-home moms, and so on, but it’s not good enough for me. The search continues…

On a side note, they also sell letterhead, appointment cards, envelopes, mailing labels, memo pads, and other personalized stationary, if you feel so inclined.