Sometimes, when you translate things from one language to another, much of the meaning is lost. To counter this, many companies avoiding a straight translation altogether and opt for a transliteration. For the uninitiated, transliteration is when you take a word and “sound it out” into the other language. It is through transliteration that we get terms like chow mein and sushi. Sometimes the transliteration brings about less than favorable results though.

While wandering through the H-Mart Korean supermarket, I came across a whole lot of instant noodles. Growing up, I ate a lot of the Nissin brand, but nowadays, I’m a little more adventurous with my instant noodles, trying just about any brand I find. Some are better than others, but the transliteration on his package takes the cake:


Toilet humour is the not necessarily the best kind of humour, but it’s pretty good when it’s real.