After hitting up the Vancouver International Auto Show last night, Susanne and I went for a stroll through downtown looking for a place to eat dinner. We weren’t all that hungry yet, so it resulted in a fair amount of aimless meandering. She mentioned that she wanted to hit up the new(ish) Korean supermarket — H-Mart — located at Seymour and Robson in downtown Vancouver, half a block from India Gate Restaurant.

There, we discovered all sorts of unique foods like dried fish, plenty of kimchi, and an assortment of soy pastes and tasty sauces. We didn’t end up buying anything from the market itself, but we did discover that there is a fast food court of sorts built right into the supermarket on the second floor. What we discovered was some pretty good value, plenty of grub, and a cafeteria-like dining experience.


The menu — thankfully with plenty of pictures — is displayed on a backlit board next to the cash register. It’s more or less self serve with a water cooler off on the side, a pot of beef rib broth (which was very tasty) next to the menu, and a smattering of chopsticks, spoons, napkins, and so forth on the counter. After ordering, you receive a number which shows up on the LCD screen (you can see it on the left-side of the photo) when your food is ready.


Here’s what I had. It was white rice with mixed vegetables, ground beef, and a raw egg served in a super hot clay bowl. Naturally, there was some Korean hot sauce mixed in there, so when you stirred it altogether, you had a nice, hot (both in terms of temperature and taste) meal. The best part was that it came with unlimited kimchi.


And here is what Susanne had. It was spicy beef noodle soup, again with unlimited kimchi. Surprisingly, the soup base wasn’t all that spicy. It tasted almost like Vietnamese pho. Susanne told me that it was very filling because they tossed in a lot of noodle. The metal bowl was deceptively deep.

Total bill for the two of us came to about $16 or $17. I’d say that’s pretty good value.