If you recall, some time back I reported that Top Gear would not be back for another season, and you could hear the waves of fans on the internet break out in tears as they discovered that their beloved car enthusiast show would be pulled off the air. It turned out that Jeremy Clarkson was simply misquoted, and he was only saying that there would be no Top Gear summer special. He corrected himself and told reporters that Top Gear would indeed be back for another season in the fall.

Well, before that happened, Ed Lau prevented himself from commiting seppuku and found out for himself that Jeremy Clarkson, James May, The Stig, and the rest of the Top Gear crew were not riding off into the sunset. Unfortunately, my original report — wherein I sourced my information from Leftlane News — upset Mr. Lau considerably. He, understandably, got quite angry with me and took the opportunity at dot com pho this past Saturday to extract his revenge.

Inspired by Frank Miller’s 300, he decided to kick me down a bottomless pit, not yelling, “This is Sparta!” but instead proclaiming that “This is Top Gear!” Unafraid of the pain, fearless of the pit that may follow, I stood there in defiance.

And yes, I’m writing this from the bottom of the “bottomless” pit. It’s actually not all that bad down here.

300 style kick: This is Sparta!

300 to the bottomless pit