Transformers the Movie (live action, not the classic cartoon movie) is just around the corner. Although I know that they have completely bastardized the series by changing several key elements, I’m still very excited. Maybe not “300” excited, but at least “Spider-Man 3” excited. We’ve been taunted by teaser trailers, presented with spy pics from the set, and teased for our undying love of transforming robot-car things. After all of that, they’ve finally got the cast, so to speak, together for a group shot. In the above picture, you see the following:

  • Optimus Prime, depicted as an 18-wheeling big rig
  • Ironhide, based on a GMC pickup truck
  • Ratchet, shown here as a Hummer H2
  • Bumblebee, based on a modified Chevy Camaro (I’m still recovering over the fact that he’s not a VW Beetle)
  • Jazz, based on a Pontiac Solstice
  • Barricade, a cop car version of a Ford Mustang
  • Starscream, the mildly dressed-up F22 fighter jet in the background

Most of the cars are from General Motors, as you can see. None of these actual vehicles can transform, unfortunately, as that part of the picture is all done via CG.

Transformers the Movie opens on the Fourth of July, 2007.

On a side note, I’m watching 300 tonight (finally), so expect a review of that soon.