Either the concept of making money online is quickly gaining in popularity, or I’ve recently found myself in the company of many like-minded individuals, all of whom are blogging and attempting to make money online. One such person is Kumiko Suzuki. Although she currently lives in Tokyo, she was born in New York, so her English is very good, decidedly better than the more successful root of all evil John Chow.

The first thing you’ll notice about Suzuki’s blog — affectionately known as Kumiko’s Cash Quest — is that it is very pink. Like very, very pink. Every banner, every bit of linked text, even her Google Adsense ads are pink. I wouldn’t have opted for that particular color scheme myself, but then again, I’m not a girl. Although it is technically a Blogger/Blogspot blog, Kumiko’s Cash Quest looks nothing like it. It looks instead like a completely customized site: there is no Blogspot banner at the top. I’m not a fan of the three column layout as it makes the blog look too “busy.” The left column could be eliminated quite easily, merging into the right column.

At this time, her main source of blogging income is through Adsense, though she does make a significant amount of dough for referring people to Friendfinder. The two other monetization methods haven’t been nearly as successful: myLot and SlashMySearch. But she is steadily growing. In fact, both her Alexa and Technorati ratings surpass that of Beyond the Rhetoric, so she’s well on her way to success. Her writing is fluid, candid, and very easy to read. She has easily earned her spot in my RSS reader.

Most recently, I enjoyed her series on the top five essential sites that new (and existing) bloggers should visit.

  1. The Best Site in the Universe
  2. Any site that’s better than yours
  3. Technorati
  4. Dosh Dosh
  5. Problogger

Anyways, the reason why I’m writing this review of Kumiko’s blog — in addition to her being a nice girl and I’m more than happy to provide her with a few backlinks — is that she is currently holding a contest to predict her upcoming PageRank.

Well, her RSS, Technorati, and Alexa have me beat ever so slightly, so I’ll go ahead and venture a guess of PR 5. A quick check of the iWebTool PageRank Predictor confirms my suspicions.


Good luck, Kumiko, on your online cash quest. You’ll be making plenty of money online in no time!