Rumours of a Google phone have been floating around the internet for a long time now. At one point, people said that it was going to be like a BlackBerry with a full QWERTY keyboard and instant access to your Gmail account. And then, people stumbled across the Google “Switch”, a smartphone with a touchscreen covering the entire face of the handset a la Apple’s iPhone. The Switch was going to manufactured by Samsung. Neither one of these rumours have been confirmed nor have they been denied.

Well, the rumor mill is still churning at full speed and just the other day I came across yet another rendering of what the Google phone may look like. This was at TechEBlog, one of Mobile Magazine‘s competitors, I guess you could say.


They’re still saying that this handset will be made by Samsung. Sure, it’s got Samsung’s signature glossy black exterior and ridiculously thin profile, but the “open” picture reminds me of the Nokia N93. I can’t say for sure, but it looks like it slides rather than flips. I don’t think I like have the nav wheel off to one side either.

Regardless, I’m tired of the rumours. Just give us the real thing and get it over with. (Remember the whole ordeal surrounding the iPhone?) I do have one request though: Integrate it with Google Maps!