As many of you may already know, Roy, my pet bunny has been having a little bit of a health issue lately. When we took him to see the vet, the diagnosed that Roy had wry neck, a very common condition among indoor bunnies wherein their heads remain tilted to one side. There are several possible causes for this, but the most common is a inner and/or middle ear infection: this was the case with Roy and so he was prescribed some antibiotics to alleviate the infection and kill off some of that nasty bacteria.

Now, convincing a pet rabbit to take a pill isn’t quite as easy as convincing me to down a Tylenol. He needs plenty of coaxing and the easiest way to do that is to mask the medicine in a treat that the little bunny will want anyways. Dr. Anderson suggested watered down apple juice in a syringe, but I decided to go with banana instead. Roy loves banana.

Roy is well on the road to recovery now as there are no visible symptoms of head tilt. I’m coming up on the last couple of days of his medicine and then it’ll be time to go in for a check-up.

The video below is how I went about preparing the Baytril for Roy. Please don’t use this method on your estranged husband, tyrant older sibling, or the kid down the street that loves tearing up your lawn with his bicycle.