If you’ve been following my blog the past few days, you’d know that Roy, my pet bunny, hasn’t been feeling so well lately. We took him to visit Dr. Anderson of Anderson Animal Hospital in South Vancouver, and he diagnosed that Roy had an inner and/or middle ear infection resulting in Torticollis, better known in most circles as wry neck or head tilt. He prescribed some Baytril, an antibiotic in pill form that is supposed to help reduce the infection and control the bacteria. Obviously, Roy isn’t going to want to just munch this stuff up because, well, it tastes like medicine.

By popular request (I’m looking at you Dylan, here is a video of Roy taking his medication, smushed up into some banana so that he’ll actually want to eat it. And yes, he likes it very much.

He seems to be doing much better and the head tilt is barely noticeable except for when he’s sitting still in his cage. Yay!