Well, that didn’t take long at all. I just got accepted by ReviewMe Tuesday night, letting the world know about my acceptance on February 28th, which coincidentallly was the last day that ReviewMe was offering 50% off of all reviews. Swooping in at the last possible moment to cash in on this deal was Stephen Fung, a happily unemployed dot com mogul (he hates being called that) and the owner of MEGATechNews. I assume this is a part of his FutureLooks network.

Dem Fighting Words

I write for Mobile Magazine on a daily basis and by the looks of things, we’re in direct competition with one another. After all, both Mobile Magazine and MEGATechNews appear to be tech news blogs. The key difference, though, is the focus. Over at Mobile Mag, we talk about portable technology — cell phones, MP3 players, laptop computers, etc. — whereas MEGATechNews isn’t quite as discerning. Although there is a clear slant towards computers and computer components, it’s not out of the ordinary to find a post about brain tumors or Saturn’s largest moon, for example.


A couple of things that I immediately noticed is that Stephen has not implemented the most lucrative Google ad of them all: the 300 box. Instead, he’ll plunk in the tiny 468 banner here and there, monetizing more via the DealTime real-time pricing ads.

The second thing that I noticed — and that I pointed out to Fung — is that none of the news entries have a byline. Sure, there’s a source link in case you want to read more into an interesting story, but I have no idea who wrote the text appearing on this site. He tells me that he has a “crew” at FutureLooks that is always on the prowl and if they happen to find something interesting on the web, they post it up on MEGATechNews instead of IMing everyone on their MSN Messenger list about it. On an average day, they post four or five stories. Not a lot (several other news blogs do 15-20), but it’s enough for the casual reader.

Branding and Layout

I’m usually not a fan of the three-column layout, but it seems to work for MegaTechNews. He places the main content in a wider column to the left, the navigation in middle column, and a whole series of ads on the column to the far right. He’s also gone for the very safe soft blue and white theme, interspersed with some very RSS-ish orange. In fact, the logo for MEGATechNews is just a big 3D RSS symbol followed by the word MEGATechNews. I would think that if he wants to differentiate his brand from the rest of the RSS-powered tech news blogs out there (there are lots), he should create a more distinctive logo and image.

In terms of content, the entries are short and fast-hitting, excellent for people with short attention spans like me. They’re generally pretty clear, concise, and well-written.

I Want More!

I think that Stephen is off to a good start with MEGATechNews, but a lot of growth can still be had and enjoyed. If this site is going to be dedicated to tech news, he needs more. More content, more pictures, and — perhaps more important than anything else — more original content. An added slant or different viewpoint on an existing story is nice, but exclusive news is where the action’s at.

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