When I showed my previous post to Susanne, she said that it didn’t clearly show the definite tilt to Roy’s head. Other people said that it just looked like he was a little groggy and was just turning his head to munch on some timothy hay. So, I thought I’d make another video to show you how Roy is doing (this was taken last night).

As you can see, my poor little bunny’s head is askew by about 20 degrees or so. I gave him his first dose of Baytril this morning by cutting up the pill into tiny pieces and mashing it together with a piece of banana. Roy very happily lapped that up and asked for more. I wonder if he’ll grow tired of banana over the next couple of weeks. (Maybe that’ll be my next vid, Roy eating Baytril-infused banana.)

Anyways, here’s the vid. Sorry about the dim lighting.