You know you’re starting to grow up when you start thinking about grown up kind of things (get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty dogs). I’m still saving up to move away from home, but in the meantime, I’ve started to do a lot of thinking about not only where I want to live, but how I want that place to look. I can envision a large LCD or plasma TV, a quaint home office tucked away in the corner, and one of those U-shaped bar-style kitchen get-ups. One room that many people forget to think about, however, is the bathroom.

It’s those little details that make a house (or condo) a home. Right down to the nitty gritty of choosing the right faucets, tubs, and other fixtures. One thing that I thought was interesting during my Alaska cruise a couple of years back was that my stateroom didn’t have a conventional bathtub. Instead, it had a walk-in shower that pretty much just let the water dribble out onto the bathroom floor. I don’t think I’d like that for my own home, as I can only imagine it starting to stink and get moldy after awhile (when we first arrived in the stateroom, we could really smell the disinfectant or whatever other cleaner they used).

I’d say that I’m still pretty naive when it comes to matters of the home, which is why I’d prefer to move into somewhere that is reasonably new. This way, I don’t have to replace an aging tub with a designer bath or fix up a heating system that isn’t working so well anymore. Sigh. At this rate, who knows when I’ll ever afford to move out, especially considering the quickly rising price of housing in Vancouver.

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