Today started out pretty much like every other non-working day for me. I struggled to get out of bed as noon steadily approached. I stretched. I yawned. I brushed my teeth. Little did I know that I was about to have lunch with a furry blue monster. More specifically, I was heading to parts unknown to dine on some Vietnamese pho (although it may appear that “pho” should be pronounced like “foe”, I’ve always been told that it should sound closer to “fuh”, though the majority in the cohort I’m about to describe insist that it’s pronounced more like “fur”). Today was my second lunch ever with a self-proclaimed dot com mogul. Yup, Mr. “I got banned from Digg for being the root of all evil” John Chow. Oh, and yes, there was a furry blue monster there too.

There were twelve people in all at the lunch, one of which was Gary from, a local web hosting and domain registration business. He’s the fellow donning the Canucks cap (off-topic: I hope they rock the Flames tonight) in the picture below (which I “borrowed” from John Chow‘s blog). He has excellent prices and his hosting will hold up even against the craziest of traffic. Ed Lau‘s blog easily survived a pretty massive Digg.

Pho with BlueFur

I’m at that table, but not in the picture. I’m discreted hidden behind Reiner, BlueFur Gary’s friend.

Let’s see if I can go through a quick roll call: There was John Chow, of course, as well as his baby daughter Sally and lovely wife Sarah. We were joined by the aforementioned Reiner and Greg, as well as Ed Lau (also known as Ronin, in case there are any REVsceners reading this), the ever talkative though not so blog-active Paul Mudhar and his dad, veteran pho eater Wolfgang, dot com mogul Stephen Fung, and “baby boomer crisis” Greg. Oh, and me, Michael Kwan. According to just about everyone at the table, I’m a comment whore. I guess with 24 comments on John’s blog (and 12 comments on Stephen’s blog) thus far in February, I have a lot to say. Probably the freelance writer thing coming through.

The food (and iced coffee) at Pho Lan in Richmond is absolutely top notch. It was Gary and Reiner’s first foray into the Vietnamese noodle dining experience, and after munching down on some rare beef, tendon, tripe, flank, and spring rolls, I’m sure it won’t be their last. Urgh. Just writing about pho is making me hungry again. Luckily, it’s almost time for dinner.

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