A big part of what I do on a daily basis is read up on cell phones and I have been doing this for about a year now. It started with tech news blogging for Mobile Magazine, and more recently, I’ve also written a series of resource articles for LoveToKnow Cell Phones. It wouldn’t be all that far fetched to say that I’m an expert on the subject, though I still have much to learn (the world of cell phones arguably progresses faster than computers). As such, I am no stranger to finding some awesome cell phone deals on the web. One website that comes up time and time again is Wirefly.

According to their official company statement: “Wirefly sells surplus cell phone inventory on eBay. So you can get a great deal on a phone without a plan.” I’m a big supporter for buying unlocked cell phones and I very much dislike signing contracts. In fact, I plan on getting a new phone tomorrow (still ironing out the details), but that’s for another entry.

If you live in the United States and don’t like contracts either, then you should consider getting a handset from Wirefly. Alternatively, they also have free phones, but you’ve got to sign a 2-3 year agreement for that. Come June, they’ll also have the Apple iPhone. If you’re concerned about how trustworthy they are, feel free to check out reviews of Wirefly on eBay.

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