It’s one part exercise in narcissism, it’s another part “monitoring my business.” Whatever the case, I check out Google on a near daily basis, plunking in my name as the search query to see where I’m at. has been around since March 2006, but it recently received a complete overhaul (or extreme makeover, you could say). I checked today and after nine long months of hard work, I’ve moved my freelance writing website into the number one spot!

I think that’s pretty awesome. It probably would have been easier if I didn’t have such a common name… like my friend Dylan Duarte. He’s been blogging for less than a month and he’s already number one for his name. is number one!

I’ve been doing battle with that other Michael Kwan for some time. Around these parts, probably no one has heard of the Hong Kong artist of the same name (then again, most people probably haven’t heard of me either), but he’s always had a leg up on me in terms of search engine ranking. At least with that one page on the HK radio website. If you recall, my site was still #2 last month.

What do I attribute this recent surge to? Well, I’ve been actively working to get links to on high page rank (PR) sites. For example, I’m one of the top commentators on John Chow dot Com. It seems that Beyond the Rhetoric still has some room to grow as it’s on the first page of results for “Michael Kwan”, but it’s near the bottom.

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