Vancouver blogger and self-proclaimed “technologist” Darren Barefoot has a lot of projects on his plate. His day job is with Capulet, but another big part of his life is with Northern Voice. For the latter, he’ll be giving a talk on blogging in February. More specifically, he’s doing a little get together to discuss “Why We Blog.” To prepare for this, he has put together a short 16 question survey for the ever expanding blogging community. If you’re a blogger, I highly encourage you to fill this quick (five minute) survey, not only for the greater good of the blogging community, but also because it gives you a chance to win an iPod shuffle. It’s no iPhone, but it only takes five minutes of your time.

Personally, I started blogging largely because I enjoy writing and wanted to eventually parlay it into a career (which I have). It was also a good excuse to showcase my writing and to promote my freelance writing business. Since then, though, I’ve gone on to meet several other bloggers (local and beyond) who I may not have connected with otherwise. Most notably, there is Ed Lau, John Chow, Dylan Duarte, and Darren Barefoot. Having your own website is not just for big companies anymore: anyone can get their hands on a blog for either very cheap or even absolutely free (Blogger, Blogspot, WritingUp, etc).

Anyways, you should definitely go fill out the survey at Who knows, you might be rocking to an Apple iPod Shuffle in no time… and blogging about it too.

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