It’s Sunday, and we all know what that means. FOOTBALL! Today, we will see the NFC Championship Game between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears, the latter of which are up 16 to 7 at halftime (as I type this), but what this blog entry is going to be about is the AFC Championship Game that will follow in a couple of hours. Yet once again, the New England Patriots — led by Tom Brady — are storming into Indianapolis to take on the Colts. It’s a battle of two of the league’s most premiere quarterbacks, and if history is any indication, Peyton Manning is going to lose again. After all, Tom Brady has only lost one playoff game. Ever. Will history repeat itself? Or will the Manning curse be broken? (His brother, Eli Manning, and the New York Giants have already been knocked out of the post-season, in case you didn’t know already.)

Poor Peyton. He’s always been an exceptional player during the regular season, but he’s never been all that great of a playoff performer. I wrote about this exact same subject one year ago, when the Colts went against the eventual NFL Super Bowl XL champion Pittsburgh Steelers (a team which, incidentally, aren’t in the race for this year’s prize.

My brother says that Peyton is probably a closet prick. He says that he wishes Peyton to never win a championship. I don’t know about that, because Peyton is easily one of, if not the best quarterback in the NFL today. He’s got to make it to the big game (and win) eventually, right?

I might report back in tomorrow with my impressions of the Colts/Pats game. In the meantime, the Saints are marching back in against the Bears.