Like, what the H? I’ve had just about every Nintendo console ever made and I’ve never run into any issues whatsoever with these video game systems, with the exception of the old school NES. Of course, that machine is almost as old as I am, and all the ancient games need is a little TLC (and for you to blow them in the bum… all the NES owners in the audience know about this apparent cure-all). I never thought that I would have any issues with my Nintendo Wii, given that it is essentially a GameCube (which I also own) on steroids. And then this happens… (Video after the jump)

Uh, yeah, like I said. What’s going on here? I’ve emailed Nintendo of America, so I’ll see what they say. Worse comes to worst, I’m going to go pay their Richmond office a visit (when the weather gets a little better, since it seems like it’s going to start snowing again). From what I can gather, there is nothing wrong the sensor bar (the other Wii Remote works just fine), nothing wrong with the gyroscopic accelerometer doo-hickeys in the Wii Remote (I can still play Wii Sports — Bowling, Tennis, etc. — without a hitch, except I have trouble choosing the right Mii and so on), and nothing wrong with the infrared-ness of the controller (in the main Wii menu, as you can see in the video above, I can move the cursor around no problem). My quick diagnosis has the directional pad being “stuck” on either left or right (I think it’s left).

There goes my impression of Nintendo being bulletproof.

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