I’m not usually the type to reply to chain letters and such, but I’ll make an exception for the sake of the evergrowing blogosphere. I just got tagged by Ed Lau in a bloggy kind of way. The game is a little different than in the school yard, however, as I must disclose five things you may not know about me (because Ed did it before me, and John before him). So, uh, here they are:

1. Despite the “street racer” image that my car (a lightly modified Acura Integra) may have with some people, I have a squeaky clean driving record. If you head on over to the DMV (or I guess “Driver Services Centre” as ICBC calls it) and ask for my driver’s abstract, you will find that I have never had my license suspended… heck, there’s not even a speeding ticket on there. That’s right. No tickets. The only “mistake” on the record is a single at-fault accident. And that was a super minor fender bender

2. I’m known to be a gamer, but some people may be surprised to hear that I am almost obsessively Nintendo loyal. Through the years, I have gone through the following systems: NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Game Boy (original with puke green screen), GBA SP, and DS Lite. Maybe I should have bought the Virtual Boy to collect the set. The only non-Nintendo machine I’ve ever owned is my Sony PSP, and I rarely play that anyways.

3. I’ve been to Las Vegas at least five times (I lost count), but only one of those times was I actually of age. Family friendly entertainment, right?

4. This probably isn’t all that much of a secret, but I agree with my dad’s mantra that there is no better way to spend money than to please your stomach. Good food will always make you happy, and I have no qualms about going out to somewhere nice to eat. Gotham, Morton’s, C… I really should try West and Lumiere.

5. Late bloomer = me. High school was a little tough because I was the shortest guy among all my friends all the way up until grade 11. And then, as if overnight, I shot up quite a few inches during the summer before grade 12. Today, I’m probably the tallest guy among my (Asian) friends.

Okay, so it’s time to get some other bloggers out there to reveal themselves. Dylan, Darren, and John, you’ve just been tagged.