Anyone that knows me knows that I’m very big on video games. Heck, I’ve grown up squishing goombas and shooting hadoukens out of my hands. Luckily for me, I’ve also parlayed it into a career of sorts, writing for LoveToKnow Video Games, SpinTop Games, and — most recently — That’s why it’s with a little nostalgic tear in my eye that I present to you, the top ten worst ways to die (in a video game).

You would think that such a compilation would include Doom. Nope. There are some rather strange choices in the list that I wouldn’t have considered (being killed by a weiner?), and a few that are included for reasons that wouldn’t dawn on most people (check out Halo bit in the clip). Anyways, here’s the vid. Agreements? Disagreements? What about Kitana’s kiss of death from Mortal Kombat II?

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