It’s the answer to a question that no one ever asked: What if you could put Apple’s music player on a stick? What would you call it? Luckily for Saitek, the name iPhonic is not taken by Cisco, unlike that other term that we thought was going to be something else.

The iPhonic, other than its fairly unique form factor, isn’t all that different than other iPod-centric speaker docks we’ve already seen on the market, but you’ve got to love that hub-like styling. And let’s not forget about the iPod being impaled on the side. It gets its power from a quad of AAA batteries or, alternatively, you can plug into the wall with the optional DC adapter.

By the way, the Saitek iPhonic is “also great for mobile phones” boasting an “active stereo speaker with extended bass.” No word on pricing, but you can keep on top of things by checking the official product page.

Source: Gizmodo