Maybe it’s because they’re still in beta. Maybe my blog isn’t getting enough traffic. But for whatever reason, I seem to be having a particularly hard time getting people to sign up under my referral number for AGLOCO. Developed by the same people as AllAdvantage, AGLOCO is basically a toolbar that sits at the bottom of your internet browser, and at the end of the month, you get a check (cheque) from them for the hours you surfed (and the hours your referrals surfed). It’s not spyware, and it’s not a pyramid scheme… in the strictest sense.

This is because it costs you absolutely nothing to join, and you have everything to gain. You can check out their Help/FAQ page for more details; I’m not going to bore you with that stuff.

Anyways, I’m going to give this one more try. If you do decide to sign up with AGLOCO, please use my referral ID: BBBB6961. Cheers and have a wonderful holiday season.

On a side note, I have but one referral and apparently I rank “in the top 10.32% of all members”. That’s pretty fascinating in and of itself.

Here’s a screenshot of the AGLOCO toolbar: