It’s wet. It’s cold. It’s miserable outside. No wonder so many people suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). It’s around this time of year that I’m just itching for a trip to sunnier climes. Maybe Florida (if only their NFL football teams were doing better these days. I want a vacation.

I’ve been the States, sure, but never that far south. I had a brief stopover in Dallas one time, but I never left the airport. Other than that, I’ve been to California, Washington (state), and New York. It would be nice to go to Florida… I guess I’d have to figure out where to find the younger folks and not the ones seriously concered about life insurance.

I’d imagine that most of the people down there are reasonably well off, having accumulated a fairly significant nest egg over the years to provide for a super comfortable retirement. The business of selling life insurance in Tampa could be pretty lucrative. You know, just like selling time shares.

MetLife (813-887-3522) probably does pretty well for themselves down there. They’d probably sell well in Victoria too.