Back in high school, I remember I came across something called AllAdvantage (some of you may recognize it too). Essentially, it was a a toolbar that stuck at the bottom of your internet browser window and it logged how many hours you spent surfing around the web. It would display relevant ads and the like, and you’d receive a cheque in the mail every month based on how many hours your logged and how many hours the people you referred logged. In fact, you could extend your referral network several layers deep.

Well, that service ultimately folded and failed, and the main reason was that they were paying out more to users than they were making from the advertisers. Well, someone has come around to revitalize the idea with a much more sustainable business model. Welcome AGLOCO (short for A Global Community).

Instead of paying a flat rate for each hour you surf (to a current maximum of five hours a month, and c’mon, who doesn’t spend at least five hours poking around Google, YouTube, checking email, and so on), they provide you with a portion of what they earn from advertisers. This comes both in the form of cold hard cash and in stocks in the company when AGLOCO goes IPO.

Here’s a picture of what the toolbar would look like:

For reference, guys that got in on the ground floor with AllAdvantage and got their referral networks up and running before anyone else, well, they were rolling in the dough. Vancouver blogger John Chow, for example, was featured in the Globe and Mail. Over the course of a few months, he amassed $25,000 in earnings from AllAdvantage. That’s a lot of change for doing something you’re going to be doing anyways.

I’ve already signed up for AGLOCO and I encourage you to do the same. The toolbar is still in beta stage, so I’m not exactly sure when you can start earning, but in the meantime, you should definitely start looking for referrals and such. Making money surfing the internet. What could be easier?

To sign up, go to the AGLOCO website and make sure you include my referral ID number — BBBB6961 — because, well, I referred you. Happy money making!