Working professionals are finding less and less time to do all those necessary everyday tasks. It’s not healthy to always get take-out, be it pizza, Chinese, or a wonderfully happy meal at the golden arches. The same holds true when it comes to household chores. Thank goodness we’re getting restricted to smaller living spaces… right?

There are several services popping up that will surely grow in popularity as we becoming busier with our working lives. Some pre-prepare your meals, drop them at your door, so all you have to do is fire up the stove and heat it up. Others may come in and clean your home. Personally, I’m not sure if I don’t have the time to do these little things or am I just too lazy to do them.

Don’t worry, though. With all those baby boomers retiring in the next few years, we’ll be feeding into old age pension for years to come with a very slight possibility of getting any return when it comes time for us to file for benefits.