You know, you can’t really beat the price of free. When you waltz in somewhere and they just start giving stuff away, you start to jump up and down at the price and gobble it up like a fat kid in a chocolate factory. While other “gifts” may be a scam to get you sign up for a new credit card or to collect your personal information for their spam factory, if you happen to attend any kind of trade show — particularly big name ones like CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas — you can come across plenty of free swag… but how exactly do you swing something like that? How do you score a free thumb drive, high-speed RAM, or other goodies?

Local blogger John Chow has been nice to enough to share his swag-getting expertise with the rest of the world, teaching us the ways of free-stuff-getter. He mentions things as duh-worthy as simply asking for free stuff, but there’s also a few other tidbits in there that are definitely worth having a look at.

Check out his article through the link below. And yes, you can read it for free too! :p

John Chow: How to Get Free Stuff At Trade Shows