As some of you may already know, I also maintain a blog over at the WritingUp website (which you can check out here). It hasn’t gotten that many updates since Beyond the Rhetoric hit the scene, but it still gets the odd post from time to time to keep that side of my audience satisfied if not satiated. I just put up three new entries there in the past couple of days that you might want to check out, including a link for some free iTunes music.

The three posts are thus:

Samsung YP-T9B DAP plays vids, sports Bluetooth
Apple’s iPod may dominate the mobile music market, but it is far from
being the only option. If you’re in love with the slim glossy look of
Samsung’s cell phones, then you’ll feel right at home with their new
YP-T9B digital audio and video player….

Four new Cambridge stereos love iPods
Cambridge may be Creative’s lesser known cousin and their designs seem
more retro than the more contemporary-looking Zen, but these new
stereos are ushering in a new era of collaboration (sort of) between
Apple and Creative. Cambridge SoundWorks is unveiling four new stereos
that boast lots of love for the Apple iPod….

Get 50 iTunes songs for free
Now, of course you know that Apple isn’t going to just give stuff away.
They know better than that, considering that they own 75% of the MP3
player market, as well as a substantial portion of the legal music
download market. It’s not them who are giving it away for free, per se….