Remember Quincy? He was the cousin in question when we hit up Panther Paintball and the Chilli House Thai Bistro. Well, his actual wedding was this past Sunday and I took a couple (okay, more than a couple) of videos of the festivities, which you can watch below.

The afternoon started with the actual wedding ceremony itself at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. It was held in the Rose Garden area next to the pitch and putt golf course, just across the way from the tennis and basketball courts.

It was a lovely ceremony, with the son of my other cousin (Edmond, Quincy’s younger brother) being the ringbearer. At 17 months, Nicholas is absolutely adorable; it’s a bit of a shame that he has such a short attention span though. He needed a little help to remind him that he needed to walk the entire length of the aisle.

The ceremony was bilingual, with Christina (Quincy’s lovely bride) taking care of all the Chinese portions, whereas Quincy had the priviledge of sticking with English. Unfortunately, that didn’t mean that he had an easy time with the vows. Heck, even repeating a phrase got a little difficult:

Yes, your internal love, Quincy, your internal love.

Christina wasn’t without her quirks either, especially when it came to the “you may now kiss the bride” part. Leave the butt grabbing (and so forth) for your wedding night!

In the end, Quincy had to make a speech at the reception (we had dinner at I believe it was Continental Chinese Restaurant in Richmond), and he discussed a striking connection between getting married and getting an education:

(Sorry, that last vid was a little dark, but it’s the audio that’s important).

Congratulations Christina and Quincy. May you have many happy years together.