Having a pet can be an incredibly rewarding experience, both for children who want to learn how to take proper care of an animal and older folk who seek a companion. Myself, I have Roy, a 3-year-old Netherland dwarf rabbit that I’ve had since he was just a little guy of about 8 weeks. He’s quite the frisky fellow, quick to dart around the room, but he can be quite mellow at times as well, hopping on over to you to get pet on the head (he loves getting his forehead rubbed for some reason or another).

I recently uploaded a couple of videos of Roy the bunny, and would like to share them with you now.

In an “aww, that’s so cute” kind of moment, we managed to capture Roy during one of his regular grooming sessions. It seems a little surreal sometimes to watch this little grey bunny clean up his face and preen his ears, so to speak, but hey, he’s got to keep himself clean one way or another. Personally, I find this behaviour more endearing than the equivalent found with cats when they clean themselves, but maybe that’s just me.

Before we picked up Roy, I heard that they enjoy tossing things. It didn’t take long for this habit to emerge in Roy, as just about any small object you tossed his way, he’d knaw at it for a bit and then literally toss it aside. From toilet paper rolls to his favourite chew toys, Roy loved throwing things around, like his bunny rattle:

In that video, you’ll also notice that he’s standing on his carrier. Climbing up onto higher objects, perhaps for a better vantage point, appears to be one of Roy’s favourite habits. Climbing up the stairs never seemed like so much fun.

What about you? Do you have a pet? Tell me about him/her in the comments below!

Note: If the videos don’t load above, you can check them out HERE and HERE