While it may seem a little self-serving to find a more fuel efficient vehicle in an effort to reduce annual gas costs (it ain’t getting any cheaper at the pump, folks), in the grander scheme of things, it seems more important to protect our withering environment. All those horrible exhaust fumes can’t be good for Mother Nature, but the good people at Saab are trying to clean up emissions thanks to the new 2.3t BioPower engine destined for the automaker’s 9-5 range.

They took a fairly standard looking 2.3-litre engine, threw a turbocharger in there, and made it capable of developing 210 horsepower. To be unveiled at the British Motor Show next month, this new engine can either run on the conventional petrol you find at your local Chevron, a more eco-friendly E85 bioethanol (also used in special versions of the Chevy Tahoe, for example), or a mix of the two. They’re saying that it can reduce emission by up to 70%, and at the same time,
produce 14% more power.

No word on pricing, but look for the 9-5 2.3t BioPower Saab to hit showrooms later this year.

Source:Top Gizzle