Get past the Rio-esque design of the MG-1000 and you’ll discover an incredibly portable music playing machine that can download new content on the go thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Of course, you have to pay for MusicGremlin’s subscription service (MusicGremlin Direct) — currently fetching $15 a month — but that’s not much more than what satellite radio is asking for, and here you get to pick and choose your content.

They’re calling this 8GB device the world’s first WiFi-enabled, service driven digital audio player. Find yourself in a wireless hotspot or set up an ad hoc WiFi network, and you’ll be able to browse MusicGremlin’s library in its entirety. They’re reporting over 2 million songs at this time, a fairly beefy selection if I say so myself. You can even share your DRM goodness with other Gremlin users nearby.

The 2-inch QVGA display is colorful, the 802.11b connectivity isn’t the fastest but is fairly adequate, and it throws in USB 2.0, line-in, and FM radio for good measure. Plop down three Benjamins and you’ll be able to enjoy the wireless browsing and downloading on the go with the
Gremlin MG-1000 WiFi DAP.

Source: Engadget