MichaelKwan.com is slowly, but surely, undergoing a site redesign. I hope to have the new look up sooner rather than later, so expect some fairly substantial changes to the main site in the days, weeks, and months to come. Whenever that happens, I’d like to expand the MichaelKwan.com branding to other sub-websites, if you will. In a way, Beyond the Rhetoric can be thought of as the first of these, being the official blog of MichaelKwan.com, but what other “sections” would be most valuable to the lookey-loo web surfing community?

I’m totally up to suggestions and opinions on this matter, because, well, it is you, the internet surfing public, that will be served by these new sub-sites, if you will. They will serve several purposes, of course. For starters, I’d like to get my name “out there”, so that I
become a little more prominent as a freelance writer and editor, being able to land a few more projects. Don’t get me wrong, I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Mobile Magazine and LoveToKnow, but I’m always itching for more. And hey, making a little coin along the way is more than welcome.

This blog will remain as probably the most frequently updated section of the site, but I’d like to throw out a “resource” section or two. Some of the possibilities that I am considering include:

  • Shakespeare: Helping students understand the plays and write better essays. I’d provide snippets from essays that I have written in the past, and hopefully provide some fresh insights and infuse some contemporary thought into the 400-year old texts.
  • Academic citation: Overviews and specific examples of some of the most prominent academic citation systems out there, including MLA, APA, and others.
  • Television personalities: Breaking it down by TV show, I’d write up brief biographies and “did you know” type things for each of the main characters and maybe a minor character or two as well. I’d love to explore the Simpsons universe and not only bring up trivial tidbits about Homer and Bart, but also little known facts about Bumblebee Man, Comic Book Guy, and Ralph Wiggum… for example.
  • Movie reviews: I have a fairly extensive DVD collection and it continues to grow. Not only will I try my best to provide my perspective and reaction to current films, but also classics dating back as far as the 1950s. I’d love to do a few movies released in the 80s, and look at them from a 21st century perspective.
  • Recipes:I’m not a cook myself, but my girlfriend loves throwing things together in the kitchen. She digs up some rather juicy recipes from time and time, and I am not opposed to being to the taste-testing guinea p

Like I said, I’m totally up for suggestions. So PLEASE leave me a comment below (or if you prefer, you can personally shoot me a message at michael@michaelkwan.com). Rest assured that leaving your email will not result in spam, and you will be doing your part in making the internet a better place.