While there was a whole lot of hub-bub yesterday surrounding the launch of the Nintendo DS Lite, those of you who want to get your old school gaming on while still rocking the latest and greatest that technology has to offer… well, you guys just got a whole new toy to play with.
Launched in the United States through Verizon Wireless, and seemingly available to Canadians through Telus Mobility (though it’s not on their website, I did get a flyer the other day telling me they had it), the Motorola Q is said to the be the world’s slimmest smartphone and this puppy sure has a whole lot of tricks up its sleeve.

Smartphones are growing in popularity because they add so much more functionality to an otherwise strictly-for-communication device. Sure, SMS and MMS may be fun and all, but isn’t it great to watch some TV on the go with Slingplayer Mobile, rock the satellite tunes with XM Radio, and all the while keep up with your work-related things using light versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer? That’s what the Motorola Q smartphone is all about. Regular cell phones are so yesterday.

Check out the video below of a user that got Pocket NES working on the Motorola Q. He’s playing a hit from a legendary sereis, and arguably one of the single greatest games of all time: Super Mario Brothers 3.