It’s no secret that I’m a Nintendo fanboy. I grew up with playing video games on the nearly all of the company’s systems, from the original NES and Game Boy, straight through to the more recent GameCube and Game Boy Advance (No DS in my collection yet, though I wouldn’t be surprised if I picked one up eventually – Mario Kart DS and Metroid Prime: Hunters is a little too tempting). Well, for anyone that’s ever played the side scrolling Mario Brothers video games, you will find this movie clip quite entertaining:

From what I can gather, a bunch of people got together at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts and put together this five minute skit for a talent show. Although the timing is a little off at times, it’s actually quite well coordinated. They’ve included a number of signature elements from the original Mario Bros. game, which I won’t disclose in full here, because they’re quite a bit funnier and more enjoyable when you don’t expect them. Very creative, guys.

For something similar, here is a link to a video of some people who re-enacted Super Punch Out, also for the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES):