So, I’m going to be heading over to the Vancouver International Auto Show a little later today (in half an hour, in fact) to check out all the hot new rides, features, and concept vehicles. As a writer for Mobile Magazine, I have already heard about a lot of these new cars, based on their unveilings at the shows in Geneva and Detroit, for example.

However, those were all just words and pictures on a computer screen for me, so — as with every year — it’ll be a treat to see these new cars in the flesh (or metal and plastic, I suppose), to sit in them, play with the dials and whatnot. I’ll be writing a review for The Commentary, but I also plan on doing a multi-part series in this space as well.

Among the highlights at the show:
– BMW M Roadster and Z4 Roadster: A couple of new convertibles from the German automaker, designed to break your bank.
– Honda Fit: Honda’s entry into the ultra-compact hatchback market, in direct competition with the Toyota Yaris.
– Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
– Dodge Caliber
– Saturn Sky: Based on the Pontiac Solstice, but with more aggressive lines
– Ford Shelby Cobra Concept: HOT
– Chevrolet Camaro Concept: HOT
– Acura RD-X: Honda’s crossover vehicle under its Acura banner

*** MORE TO COME ***